Corey Lee McQuade, the other flatpicking dobro man, carries on the dobro style of Tut Taylor flatpicking the resophonic guitar aka dobro.  He is a singer/songwriter from Lewisburg, WV and currently residing in Athens, WV.  His solo performances include finger picking and flatpicking guitar, flatpicking dobro, and clawhammer banjo.  His original songs are inspired by old time traditional music and local history.   Corey currently performs with longtime friend singer/songwriter Paul E Johnson as an Americana duo.

      Corey Lee McQuade met Grammy winner Tut Taylor, the flatpicking dobro man, in 2010 performing at Merlefest with the band Johnson’s Crossroad.  Corey and Tut became good friends and performed together until 2015.  In 2012, Tut Taylor wrote and released a song titled “Papa Don’t Play the Dobro Anymore” that told of Tut’s life playing the dobro and Corey Lee McQuade carrying on his flatpicking dobro style after his passing.  In 2014, Corey Lee McQuade recorded a tribute album in honor of Tut Taylor titled “Double Clutching” that was released on Tut’s record label Tutlee Records.


The Making of Double Clutching (Tribute to Tut Taylor)